A Trainer's Tale

Your adventure as a Trainer will take you all across the Unova region, where you'll encounter many Pokémon, as well as many competitive Trainers. Before heading out to discover all that being a Trainer has to offer, you'll first meet a few nice folks in your own hometown.

The small town you live in doesn't have much to offer for an eager Trainer.

Team Plasma Appears!

The first stop on your new adventure is Accumula Town. It's here that you'll first encounter the group known as Team Plasma. During a speech by one of its members, you start to learn about Team Plasma's plan—to separate Pokémon from their Trainers!

When you arrive in town, Team Plasma is already preparing for the speech.

The First Gym Leader!

After you leave Accumula Town, the next place to visit is Striaton City. There you'll find Fennel's research facility, as well as the first Pokémon Gym.

The Pokémon Gym in Striaton City is a huge building next to the Pokémon Center.

Get the C-Gear!

After you win your first Gym Badge in Striaton City, it's not time to move on just yet. Your next task is to visit a scientist named Fennel. She has a little job for you—take care of her request and she'll give you the C-Gear, a cool device packed with all-new communication functions. With the C-Gear, you'll be able to see and interact with other folks playing Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version in your local vicinity, too.

Fennel asks you to go to the Dreamyard and retrieve some Dream Mist.

Next Stop:
Nacrene City!

The rustic Nacrene City is a cultural center for the region. The town is home to many historic buildings, as well as a museum. It's also where you'll find the next Pokémon Gym!

Many of the residents of Nacrene City have made their homes in the old warehouses.

Battle in Castelia City Gym!

Before you leave Castelia City, you'll need to stop in at the Gym, where Gym Leader Burgh is waiting. You can then challenge Burgh and his Bug-type Pokémon for the third Gym Badge.

The Gym is built like a giant beehive. Look for walls you can walk through!

Turn Up the Heat!

The landscape changes quite a bit as soon as you leave Castelia City. To reach Nimbasa City, you'll have to cross an expansive desert! The desert isn't exactly deserted—keep your eyes open for the Desert Resort and Relic Castle.

The sand begins to whip up as soon as you walk out of Castelia City and into the arid desert.

It's a Party in Nimbasa City!

When you start looking around Nimbasa City, you can't help but notice all the fun things to do. There's a Ferris wheel, a stadium, a roller coaster, and much more! Nimbasa City is also where you'll hop aboard the Battle Subway to test your skills against tough Trainers.

You and N will take a trip into the sky on the Ferris wheel.

A Bridge to Driftveil

The path between Nimbasa City and Driftveil City actually has a drawbridge that you'll have to cross. The route is filled with all kinds of interesting people, including Alder, the Pokémon League Champion!

Once you beat Gym Leader Elesa, she'll guide you toward the Driftveil Drawbridge.

Search for Team Plasma!

The search is on for escaped members of Team Plasma, who are hiding out somewhere in Driftveil City. Before you can challenge the city's Gym Leader, you'll need to track them down. But you can be sure that the Team Plasma members won't give up without a fight!

Gym Leader Clay will give you the instructions to search the city for Team Plasma.

Introducing New Battle Styles!

There's a Trainer in Driftveil City who's itching to show you a new way to battle!

Meet Up in Mistralton City!

Your time in Mistralton City will be highlighted by your encounters with a couple of important people First, you'll get a chance to meet Cedric Juniper, Professor Juniper's father! The elder Juniper is also a Pokémon professor—Pokémon knowledge definitely runs in the family!
You'll also meet Skyla, the Gym Leader in Mistralton City. Before you get an opportunity to battle her Flying-type Pokémon, you'll have to make it through the Gym. Hop into the cannons to rocket yourself high up to where Skyla is waiting for you!

Cedric and Skyla meet you as you arrive in Mistralton City.

Take To the Sea!

Your long journey to Opelucid City will take you across all kinds of terrain, and even over the water! To help you along, Alder will give you the HM Surf, which lets you skip over the waves on the backs of Pokémon.

You can't miss Alder's shocking orange hair and laid-back attitude. Find him on Route 7 to get HM03 Surf.
You'll need to teach Surf to one of your Pokémon to continue on your adventure.
When you discover the HM Waterfall, you'll be able to reach even more aquatic destinations!

Chill Out in Icirrus City!

The story—and the battles—become more intense when you arrive in Icirrus City. Before you can progress any further, you'll need to tackle the town's Pokémon Gym, headed by Gym Leader Brycen. You'll also get your first glimpse of Dragonspiral Tower, an edifice with a deep connection with the Legendary Pokémon in Unova.

The floors in the Icirrus City Gym are covered in ice, making them difficult to cross.
During most of the year, this pit cannot be crossed.

A Winter Wonderland!

During the Winter period in your game, you can access places that you previously couldn't reach. Look around Icirrus City for a number of these locations.

Let's Go Shopping!

On your way to Opelucid City through Route 9, you'll come across the aptly named Shopping Mall Nine, a huge shopping mall with many stores inside. Shopping Mall Nine is a great place to spend some of the money you got from the mineral buyer you met in Icirrus City.

The TMs inside the mall are outrageously expensive, but you can bring the price down by activating the Bargain Power Pass Power before shopping.
In addition to all the many fine shops in Shopping Mall Nine, you'll encounter quite a few Trainers itching for a battle there.
Don't miss the nearby Tubeline Bridge, where on Friday nights a biker group congregates. Locate the gang's leader and challenge him to a battle!

A City of Two Tales

Your quest for clues about the Legendary Dragon-type Pokémon in the Unova region have led you to Opelucid City, a metropolis with a split personality. Depending on whether you're playing the Pokémon Black Version or Pokémon White Version game, many of Opelucid City's traits are completely different, including its look and even the music that plays while you're there. The Gym Leader you'll face will even be different depending on which game you're playing!

The Opelucid City of Pokémon Black Version has a cool futuristic appearance.

The Path to Victory!

Head to Victory Road, the final obstacle you'll need to overcome to reach the Elite Four. There are plenty of challenges as you wind up the mountain path—take advantage of them to prepare for the tough battles that await you at the top.

Before tackling Victory Road, you'll receive a few words of encouragement from your close friends.
The gates to Victory Road will open only to Trainers who have earned all eight Gym Badges.
Victory Road winds up the side of a mountain. Follow the maze-like path up to the Elite Four!

The Pokémon League Elite Four!

Finally, you've reached the ultimate challenge as a Pokémon Trainer, the Pokémon League Elite Four! A quartet of the toughest Trainers in Unova are ready to give you the battles of your life. In a twist from previous Pokémon games, you get to choose the order you battle the Elite Four challengers. Remember that once you beat these brilliant Trainers, you'll earn the right to battle the Pokémon League Champion!


The literary genius Shauntal is also an expert Trainer who specializes in Ghost-type Pokémon.

Shauntal waits behind one of the doors in the Pokémon League plaza.


The unpredictable Grimsley is a big fan of games of chance, and an even bigger fan of battling Pokémon! His Dark-type Pokémon will certainly pose a challenge for your party, so stay sharp!

Grimsley waits for you in an elaborate chamber, complete with a gigantic candelabra overhead.


As a master of combat, Marshal is an imposing figure. But even more imposing are his Fighting-type Pokémon!

Step into the ring against Marshal, and prepare for an epic battle!


Caitlin is ready to give your Pokémon fits with plenty of powerful moves from her Psychic-type Pokémon.

Caitlin spends most of her time asleep in bed, conserving her formidable mental powers.

The Champion Has Fallen!

This is a surprise... Alder has already been defeated! It appears that N has made his way through the Elite Four and beat the Champion before you. What's more, N plans to command everyone in the entire region to release their Pokémon...or else!

After you defeat the Elite Four, check the statue in the middle of the plaza to gain access to the Champion's room.
You'll find out that N has already defeated Alder. Can N be stopped now?!
Team Plasma has been busy building a castle underground, which now emerges to surround the Elite Four!

The Ultimate Battle!

Now that N has conquered the Pokémon League, Team Plasma intends to put its plan to liberate the Unova region's Pokémon into action. You are the only one left who can stand up to N and his Legendary Pokémon. Get ready to battle the king of Team Plasma and determine the fate of the Unova region!

You might be the one who has to battle N, but you also have the support of the Gym Leaders of Unova.

Your Journey Is Not Over!

Even after you challenge and defeat the Elite Four, as well as confront the mastermind Ghetsis in his tower, your journey is far from complete. Take a look at some of the incredible places to go and things to do around Unova that await you after you've watched the end credits.

Visit New Places!

Observant Trainers will notice that there are several towns and places that couldn't be accessed before challenging the Elite Four. Now all of Unova is open to visit. Head east out of either Nimbasa City or Opelucid City to visit places such as Village Bridge and the Abundant Shrine. Plus, return to places you've been where certain paths were blocked off. For example, you can now head deeper into the Dreamyard to fight tough Trainers and encounter hard-to-find Pokémon!

Not only is the Village Bridge a marvel of old-style architecture, a vibrant community has grown up around the bridge itself.
Someone has graciously picked up the road cone that blocked your path in the Dreamyard, letting you explore farther into the area.

Discover New and Familiar Pokémon!

Many of the new areas that you can visit around Unova are filled with Pokémon from other regions. Encounter Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh Pokémon in places such as the Giant Chasm and outside Lacunosa City. Don't worry about keeping track of these Pokémon—your Pokédex will get an upgrade so that you can register every Pokémon you see.

Once again, Professor Juniper’s father Cedric Juniper is ready to help you out. He’ll upgrade your Pokédex to the National Pokédex!

In addition, you may be lucky enough to find a few more Legendary Pokémon deep within caves and forests around Unova. The trio of Cobalion, Terrakion, and Virizion are all powerful Pokémon that await your challenge. Plus, look for the Legendary Pokémon Kyurem, a menacing Dragon- and Ice-type Pokémon that will put your Trainer skills to the test!

Take On the Elite Four Again!

Don't think that once you've beaten the Elite Four, you've got nothing left to prove as a Trainer. This quartet of the toughest Trainers in Unova is itching for a rematch soon after you beat them the first time. But be warned: the next time you face off against Shauntal, Grimsley, Caitlin, and Marshal, their teams will be much tougher! You're better off exploring the rest of Unova, getting stronger and finding more powerful Pokémon. Then, when the time is right, enter the Pokémon League again and prove that you're the best Trainer in Unova!

Not only are the Elite Four’s teams more powerful, their ranks now also include Pokémon from outside of Unova.

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