The C-Gear lets you communicate with other Trainers, as well as a number of other functions, using a variety of communication methods.

Use Pass Power in the Entralink!

Visit the Entralink to communicate with other players. It's a large area with a variety of places to check out, including the Entree in the center. When you connect with other players via Entralink, you can use Pass Powers to bestow useful effects on the other players. In fact, when you use a Pass Power, it will affect all nearby players. But you need Pass Orbs to use Pass Powers, and to get those, you must complete a mission in another player's world!

After traveling to the Entralink, cross the bridge to visit other players' worlds.

Connect to the Pokémon Global Link!

Using Nintendo® Wi-Fi Connection, the
C-Gear's Game Sync function can connect to the Pokémon Global Link.

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