Leaders of the Unova Gyms


Chili is one of the three Gym Leaders you might face in Striaton City. If you start your adventure with Snivy, be prepared to face this talented Trainer and his tough Fire-type Pokémon.



If you chose Tepig, the first Gym Leader you'll face will be Cress. Cress uses Water-type Pokémon, and he claims to be the strongest of the Striaton City Gym Leaders. Of course, his brothers might have something to say about that!


You'll battle the Striaton City Gym Leader Cilan if you begin your adventure with Oshawott. Cilan's Grass-type Pokémon will make quick work of your team unless you have the right Pokémon to take them on!


The director of the museum in Nacrene City is a shrewd lady named Lenora. She's also the leader of the city's Pokémon Gym, which you'll find in the back of the museum. Lenora is a master at battling with Normal-type Pokémon!



The Gym Leader Burgh is a talented artist...and also a talented Trainer! You'll encounter Burgh and his party of Bug-type Pokémon when you pursue the third Gym Badge in Castelia City.


Nimbasa City is full of fun events, but equally full of challenging Trainers. Chief among them is Elesa, a fashion model who also happens to be the Nimbasa City Gym Leader! When striving for your fourth Gym Badge, watch out for her party of Electric-type Pokémon.


In addition to being a tough-nosed Trainer, Driftveil City Gym Leader Clay also wants to keep the peace in his fine city. Under that ten- gallon hat is a mind that has mastered the use of Ground-type Pokémon.



Since she's a professional pilot, it's no wonder Skyla is comfortable around Flying-type Pokémon. And that's exactly what you'll face when you face off against her in the Mistralton City Gym.


Gym Leader Brycen is one cool customer, as you'll find out when you visit the frozen Icirrus City Gym. True to form, Brycen's collection of tough Ice-type Pokémon will surely send a chill through even the toughest Trainer!

Iris & Drayden

If you're playing Pokémon Black Version, you'll battle Gym Leader Drayden in the Opelucid City Gym. If you're playing Pokémon White Version, you'll face off against Gym Leader Iris. Drayden is the mayor of Opelucid City, while Iris is a girl you've met earlier in your adventure. Both of these tough Trainers specialize in Dragon-type Pokémon.

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