The Legendary Pokémon Thundurus will appear in the Unova region for players of the Pokémon White Version game. Thundurus is an Electric- and Flying-type Pokémon with an extensive set of powerful moves. Catching this elusive Pokémon will be quite a challenge!

  • Category Formidable Pokémon
  • Type Water
  • Ability Torrent
  • Height 1,5 m
  • Weight 61,0 kg

How to Encounter Thundurus

  • After obtaining all eight Gym Badges, head to the gate on Route 10 to hear a warning about a storm on Route 7.
  • Once you get to Route 7, seek out an elderly woman who will give you more information on Thundurus.
  • Once you hear about Thundurus, the Legendary Pokémon will begin to roam the Unova region.
  • Check the bulletin boards through the region to find out where abnormal weather is occurring.
  • Hurry to where the bad weather has kicked up to find Thundurus hiding in tall grass.
  • Thundurus will flee quickly, but it won't heal after your battles. Be persistent and catch the Legendary Pokémon!

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