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Pokémon BlackVersion 2 / Pokémon White Version 2
Launch special
Meet your new—and old—adversaries!
Team Plasma has split into two factions: one that follows N and believes in saving Pokémon,
and one that follows Ghetsis and wants to rule the Unova region.
But who are these people and what are their plans?
Here are some of the
Gym Leaders you’ll
be facing!
be facing!
While figuring out Team Plasma’s plans, you’ll be able to
improve your Trainer skills and help your Pokémon grow
by competing in Gym battles throughout Unova.
The mysterious N, former leader of Team
Plasma, has split from them, and now
seeks to make amends for his misguided
actions in the past. The former Team
Plasma members who remain loyal to N
support his goal of saving all Pokémon.
You’ll meet Roxie at the second Gym.
In addition to being a Gym Leader,
she plays bass guitar in a rock band!
Revealed as the mastermind behind
Team Plasma in
Pokémon Black Version
Pokémon White Version,
Ghetsis now
leads the new incarnation of Team Plasma,
whose goal is to kidnap other Trainers’
Pokémon and ultimately take over the
Unova region.
He’s a laid-back Gym Leader who
loves the surf and sand, but
don’t underestimate him.
Marlon might be one of
your toughest challenges!
You’ll first encounter Colress in the sewer
system beneath Castelia City. He’s an am-
bitious scientist who researches Pokémon
and wants to bring out their full power.